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The Kingfisher Chronicles


Tastier than a Jubjub Bean in the jaws of a Rutien Brush Badger, The Kingfisher Chronicles tells the story of three space adventurers as they traverse the infinite galaxy. Inspired by outlandish 80's sci-fi, this hilarious new jargon-brimmed podcast is more powerful than a jackhammer in the hands of a Chumblewarner.

See you on Alkanost Prime!

Created by Matt Boughey | Written by Jack Miles & Matt Boughey | Produced & Read by Jack Miles


The Kingfisher Chronicles: Text

Episode One: The Kingfisher Eponymous

CRASH LANDING! After their escape pod smashes through the barn of a Trodlybyte farmer, Mr. Nine, Ajax, and Raphael search for a way off the icy planet of Rynek.

Episode Two: The Extremity Impalement

LURKING! In orbit around the heavily guarded Alkanost Prime, Ajax and the crew of the Kingfisher lie in wait for a pirate vessel to ambush.

Episode Three: The Bovraal Deception

INTEROGATION! With the invading pirate captain Sigurd Cheesedreamer captured, Raphael plots the best way to extract the whereabouts of the Esmerelda from him.

Episode Four: The Alkan Eruption

FREEDOM! Having succesfully escaped the questioning chamber of the Kingfisher, Sigurd Cheesedreamer attempts to return to the pirate city on the Alkan Meteorite.

Episode Five: The Nemesis Acquisition

SWINDLE! The crew of the Kingfisher prepare to fleece some better tech from some unwitting Chumblewarner traders.

Episode Six: The Interminable Pursuit

CHILL OUT! While relaxing en route to the pleasure planet Tak Mok Toe, the crew are caught unaware by a mysterious presence aboard the Kingfisher.

Episode Seven: The Zealous Postulants

PERSCUTION! Knocked unconscious in a mid-space collision, Mr. Nine is woken by the SpaceCops of Malasscuss in the middle of his own trial.

Episode Eight: The Automaton Katzenjammer

INFILTRATION! Rumours of Quantox Co.'s illegal activities have reached the SpaceCops, so the crew target a warehouse on Eomarga suspected of housing outlawed tech.

Episode Nine: The Gromgron Betrayal

FLASHBACK! The story of Gromgron the shepharding robot, and his struggle against the evil of Quantox Co. and the Garisani Pirates of the Alkan System.

Episode Ten: The Quantox Principle

ATTACK! Prepped and ready, the Kingfisher finally storms the vault on Alkanost Prime in search of the weapon feared lost in the wreckage of the Esmerelda.

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